About The Project

Markland is an intimate, low-maintenance gated neighborhood that aims to provide homeowners with an alternative lifestyle to the “mega-communities” popular today. Markland was designed to to be a warm, friendly community where neighbors can gather together and enjoy the lifestyle benefits of a larger development on a more intimate scale. We worked with a team of experts to design and build the Manor House, gate and entry way, pool, playground, tennis courts and many of the other luxury amenities.

Carlton Construction is an excellent contractor and I have enjoyed working with them on all (our) projects. Their attention to detail is second to none.
– Basham & Lucas, Designer –

Our team worked hard and overcame several unique challenges during this project. The site had poor drainage, making it challenging to install and maintain the new landscaping; utility infrastructure was not in place, which made irrigation impossible for the first two months of the project; and we had an aggressive schedule that coincided with finish dates with several model homes. Despite these obstacles, the project came together in just ten short months due to hard work and open communication between us, the owner and the design team.

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