Constructing a Website

With the help of the very talented team at Brown Dog Creative, we have just completed the renovation/re-creation of our website, and we are very excited for its launch after six months of work.  It really is work, even with a great team helping you. The message and the general feel of the site had to come from us,  a concept Lesley and her team had to keep pounding into our heads (or at least mine).

The process is similar to designing and building a home for a client.  The general design theme and overall feel of the project really need to be cast by the clients themselves.  Then, the construction, organization, and management of the project is our job, or in this case, Brown Dog’s.

Now that the site is is live, I feel relief and satisfaction knowing the end product is great!  However, although we relish this moment, we realize, it is just the beginning. I have identified several elements I didn’t think about during the process that I would like to add. Like my pastor says, “There’s no comfort in growth and no growth in comfort!”

The next challenge is really making the site an ongoing and valuable resource for our clients. We would love to get a wish list of items from you that would be helpful for anyone looking to construct their next big project.  Please add your comments.  We would love to hear from you!   We hope the Carlton Construction blog becomes a favorite place for you to come time and again when looking for information on the various elements of the building process.  We even plan on sharing the building of our new home.

So, please let us know how our sweeeeet new site can be more of a tool for you! Thanks and enjoy the new site!


Matt Carlton and the Carlton Construction Team