Over the summer we had an awesome opportunity to help out a family that is very devoted to our church. A couple of men from Christ’s Church were told about the unfortunate turn of events that depleted this family’s ability to keep up their home. After a couple of visits to the home and many hours of game planning, we had established our core group of leaders and had identified a list of tasks we were hoping to accomplish. It was decided that we would send the family to Orlando for the weekend, put them up in a timeshare donated by one of the volunteers, and give them the tickets to Aquatica at Sea World that we had purchased at the JP Hall Charity Dinner back in December. They left early Friday morning, and by 8:30am all of their furniture had been moved out and stored in several trucks and trailers donated by volunteers.  There were 40-50 volunteers who worked each day of the project…Friday, Saturday and Sunday… to complete what turned into a full-blown “home-makeover.” The outpouring of materials, time, money and sweat was absolutely overwhelming.  Each day, lunch was served for the volunteers by different groups from the church.  On Sunday morning it looked like we had about 2 weeks of work left, but somehow we managed to wrap up everything by 6pm or so.  The family was scheduled to show up blind-folded for the “reveal” where 60+ volunteers and their families had gathered to share in the moment.  The family broke out into tears when they saw the outside…but they really went crazy once they saw the inside.  The house had been transformed in 3 days by a really hard-working group of volunteers, and it was one of the greatest experiences of my life.   Although all of us had put everything we had into this project for 3 days straight, it was obvious once the dust settled and we saw how much work was completed, there was no way we could have done it without God’s help.  I can’t tell you how many times over the weekend a need would come up and almost immediately the need would be filled…too many times to be a coincidence!!  It was a blessing for our company and so many of the volunteers to be able to give back to a family that truly deserved and appreciated the help.  Thanks again to all who participated, especially our loyal subs and suppliers…you all are GREAT!!

God Bless,

The Carlton Construction Team