The Carlton Advantage

We’ve recently updated our About Us page to share our Mission Statement, as well as outline more fully the experience you can expect to have when working with Carlton Construction.

As you’ll see on the updated page, our Mission is the commitment to building residential and commercial projects with quality, craftsmanship, and total customer satisfaction.

Our Mission begins with the fact that everyone involved in delivering service from Carlton Construction is honest and of high moral character, including our subcontractor partners and suppliers, a highly qualified group who share our values. Our honesty and character mean a transparent and open process in which quality projects are delivered on time and on budget. We won’t tolerate anything less.

Our Mission calls for total customer satisfaction. We take pride and ownership in each project and are genuinely concerned with a structure’s ability to perform over the long term. Our commitment is reflected in the testimonials of our clients, and recognition by organizations such as Southern Living magazine, which has made us the only North Florida builder in their “Custom Builder” program.

We know the above sounds more like an ad than a blog, but we feel it’s important for our clients and prospective clients to see our commitment in print and have a better sense of what they can expect when working with us. So, check out our updated About Us page and give us the opportunity to let our mission and advantages serve you.