“The job was completed on time and on budget.”

“This was a big project for us – we renovated an office complex that was part of a manufacturing location, and added additional manufacturing space. It involved doubling the office space to the full width of the manufacturing building, including a second floor, a break room, flooring, baths and A/C; and a slab installation running the length of the building with block walls and a steel roof.

Of all the bids we received, Carlton’s was by far the most detailed and the most professional. There’s always an element of estimation and guesswork in bids, but Clint Thomas had really done his homework and nailed it down. I had a lot of confidence in his presentation and knew the number wouldn’t sway too much.

The job was completed on time and on budget. Clint was very easy to work with; he was always available and handled any issues that came up quickly and completely. The one thing that was different from other commercial construction firms I’ve dealt with is that Carlton had a supervisor continually on-site. This kept everything going smoothly, like the delivery of materials and the handling of inspections. It was pretty impressive. The service afterward has been great – we’ve had a couple of small issues come up that Clint responded to very quickly.

I would definitely recommend Carlton Construction and would use them again. This was a big job and Carlton handled it with no problem.”

David Fagan, Manufacturing Engineer, Hubbell Power Systems, Palatka, Florida