Use of Aluminum Composite Metal Panels Gives Environmentally-Friendly Durability to Gordon Chevrolet Exterior

We’re in the home stretch of completing the Gordon Chevrolet dealership facility enhancement. As we posted a couple weeks ago, we recently finished the entire showroom renovation in just two weeks, with minimum disruption to the dealership’s operations. Other finished areas include the service area, parts shop and customer lounge.

One of the remaining tasks is the remodeling of the exterior. This new façade will include the iconic “Chevrolet Blue” entry tower and a storefront that extends from the showroom floor to the ceiling.

A unique aspect of this new exterior is the use of a standardized Aluminum Composite Metal (ACM) panel system. ACM panels are generally made of two aluminum sheets with a polyethylene core. They are lightweight, yet very strong, and their flexibility allows them to be formed in almost unlimited ways. They hold their texture, finish and color consistently and are very durable, thereby reducing maintenance costs. ACM panels are also environmentally-friendly, with up to 85 percent of the content coming from recycled aluminum.

Carlton Commercial VP Clint Thomas said, “Add in the fact that they are cost-effective as compared to more traditional materials like brick or concrete, and it’s easy to see why ACM panels are quickly becoming the material of choice for exterior walls in certain commercial projects.”

Chevrolet is requiring this ACM panel approach in both new dealership construction and renovations.

Clint added, “This allows for uniform fabrication and installation across all of Chevrolet, reinforcing the Chevy look and brand.”

Gordon Chevrolet is located at 1166 Blanding Boulevard in Orange Park, Florida. The dealership offers a wide selection of new Chevy vehicles and dependable used cars, as well as service, parts and body shop.