Avondale Riverfront Residence

Avondale Riverfront Residence

One of the first things you notice about this Avondale riverfront residence is the 11-foot-deep wrap-around porch, an homage to the Florida Cracker-style homes that inspired the owners.

Despite the appearance of a house out of time, the riverfront residence was constructed in 2017. When the owners made the decision to build instead of renovating a historic Avondale gem, they knew they wanted one thing to come across in the design and construction: the charm and soul of the homes they loved so much.

Pulling details from the popular 19th-century Cracker style, the Avondale build features a wood-painted exterior and a standing-seam metal roof with cupolas and clerestories on top – another element transplanted into the design from a time before air conditioning. The owners hired Architect William Leuthold and Interior Designer Stephanie Jarvis.


Jacksonville, FL



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