Why build a custom home? “Wow – I Get To Live Here…”

Why do people choose to build a custom home? After years in this business and experiences with many different, wonderful clients, we’ve seen the following patterns emerge in the decision to build:
• A client has searched and searched, but just cannot find exactly what they want from an existing home, spec home or stock floor plans. Remember, a true custom home is a one-of-a-kind dream home developed by an architect and builder working together to meet a client’s unique vision.
• Thus, it becomes a matter of complete creativity, freedom and control for our clients to do and build what they want. The design, materials, features and options, down to every detail, is the client’s call. The process becomes very empowering and exciting for our clients.
• Often the decision involves the client acquiring a specific piece of land. They love the location and the lot, which is either empty or has an existing structure they don’t care for. Many of our clients start with property on a river, lake or the ocean, and we specialize in building custom waterfront homes.
• Sometimes age or physical necessities enter into it. The client desires, or even requires, amenities such as wider hallways and doors, ground-floor bedrooms and bathrooms, specific counter and shelf heights, ramps and better lighting throughout the home.
• With a custom-built home, everything is new – a client is not buying “someone else’s problems” or waiting for the next repair or replacement of something old. Carlton Construction provides a comprehensive warranty and service after the sale that give our clients peace of mind.
At Carlton, our greatest joy is the look on a client’s face when their custom home is completed and their dreams have become a reality. On more than one occasion, we’ve simply heard, “Wow, I get to live here…”